KEMS Zajil Telecom, a subsidiary of Kalaam Group, Announces New CEO

Kalaam Group has appointed Mr. Yusuf Ahmed as the Chief Executive Officer for its subsidiary, KEMS Zajil Telecom, effective January 2024, while Mr. Waleed Al Qallaf has transitioned from the role of CEO to join the company as an advisor overseeing the implementation of major projects. Leveraging his expertise in Kuwait market and extensive experience in the GCC region, Mr. Yusuf will spearhead the company’s rapid expansion in the Enterprise segment, catering to various industries through KEMS Zajil Telecom’s array of next-gen digital solutions. 

Nezar Al-Saie, Chairman of the Board at Kalaam Group, remarked on Mr. Yusuf’s appointment as CEO of KEMS Zajil Telecom: “The Board is pleased to appoint Mr. Yusuf Ahmed to lead the company, foreseeing a significant enhancement in its performance in alignment with our strategic objectives. Drawing upon his extensive experience as a business leader, known for his proven track record in steering organizations towards long-term success, Mr. Ahmed is viewed as the ideal professional to propel KEMS Zajil Telecom’s pivotal role in driving digital transformation across Kuwait.  

Veer Passi, CEO of Kalaam Group, expressed enthusiasm about Mr. Yusuf Ahmed’s appointment, highlighting the strategic shift for KEMS Zajil Telecom: “ 

Mr. Yusuf Ahmed is an accomplished industry leader renowned for his strategic acumen, operational expertise, and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional value to clients. With a proven credentials of driving transformative initiatives and cultivating high-performance cultures, Yusuf is poised to spearhead KEM Zajil Telecom’s strategic evolution, fortifying its position as a preeminent provider of enterprise-grade technology solutions. His leadership is set to expedite the company’s growth in the Enterprise segment, offering advanced digital solutions across diverse industry segments and ensuring its continued relevance amid technological advancements.” 

In his new role, Yusuf will focus on shaping a bold vision for KEM Zajil Telecom including leveraging the company’s significant technological capabilities, expanding service offerings, and harnessing advanced networking solutions to meet the evolving demands of enterprise clients. Furthermore, he will aim to prioritize fostering collaborative partnerships, amplifying technological innovation, and captivating the market share with exceptional customer service and support. 

Mr. Yusuf Ahmed, CEO, KEMS Zajil Telecom, said:  “I am excited to commence this journey with Kalaam Group, marking a new chapter for KEMS Zajil Telecom as a Digital Solutions Partner for enterprises in Kuwait. Together with KEMS Zajil Telecom team, we will navigate the ever-changing telecom industry, introducing innovative solutions and fostering collaborations for success. I anticipate shaping a future where KEMS Zajil Telecom maintains a leading position in technological advancements, addressing the diverse needs of businesses in Kuwait.” 

With over 30 years of experience, Mr. Yusuf Ahmed has acquired expertise in technical, commercial, and managerial roles within both monopolistic and competitive environments. As a seasoned telecom industry professional, his proficiency extends across diverse domains and he has made substantial contributions throughout his professional journey, holding diverse roles. He assumed the role of General Manager at Quality Net Kuwait, served as the COO of Gulf Net Kuwait, held the position of CEO at Horizon Telecom, and occupied various other significant senior roles including the role of the Head of Enterprise at Batelco, showcasing a diverse and accomplished professional background. Moreover, he played a crucial role as a business advisor for multiple companies, such as Kalaam Group, Ejabi Holding Company, Fast Telecommunication Co, and STC Bahrain; Furthermore, he remains engaged as an advisor for pivotal projects within Kalaam Group. These advisory positions not only highlight his ability to guide organizations to success but have also enhanced his understanding of the intricate dynamics associated with regional competition and strategic relations within the telecommunications sector. 

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