Our CEO Message

Our mission revolve around establishing ourselves as the foremost ‘Digital Solutions Partner’ in Kuwait, providing to diverse range of business across multiple industries.
Yusuf Ahmed
Chief Executive Officer

With its roots tracing back several decades in Kuwait, KEMS Zajil Telecom has consistently held a prominent position in the digital services landscape. Over the past 30 years, it has earned recognition for its leadership pioneering internet & data services. Joining this esteemed organization fills me with delight, and I am eager to contribute to propelling the company to new heights.

In the current era, Kuwait is undergoing a profound digital transformation in both government and business sectors. In alignment with this trend, KEMS Zajil Telecom leverages its extensive telecommunications experience, deep market understanding, and exceptional customer care to position itself as a true leader in this evolving landscape & cater to small-medium enterprises as well as to enabling larger enterprises, alongside diverse industries. 

We aim to achieve this by empowering businesses through our newly launched solution lines in Connectivity, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Managed Networks, ICT and IoT. Our ongoing investments include enabling custom-solutions, through the strongest partnerships, upgrading our core network, elevating customer SLA’s, digitizing delivery to create a seamless marketplace and experience for our customers & enhancing staff skills to foster an improved work environment.

The core principles of agility, flexibility and a deep focus on customer service are central to KEMS Zajil Telecom’s operational philosophy in order to effectively transform & empower businesses. 

Grateful for the trust bestowed upon me by the Kalaam Group, I look forward to the exciting journey ahead and confident that our collective efforts will shape the future of solution offerings and  technological advancements in Kuwait.

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