GPON or (Fiber) – Internet service across fiber optic cables – service as it is scientifically termed was one of the recent technologies introduced back in 2007 to Kuwait which was one of 2 countries to first introduce this technology, and KEMS Zajil Telecom set a benchmark by developing – upgrading both its network and equipment to facilitate the GPON service, hand in hand with the Ministry of Communication of the State of Kuwait to ensure delivering only the best to its clients.

The MOC has been developing the GPON network in over 16 areas in a period of less than 5 years and KEMS Zajil Telecom was set to provide the service to those areas once the ministry activated it.

The GPON’s service main feature is the sustainable quality high speed connectivity reaching up to 100 Mbps running on a state of the art platform of fiber optic cables known for their efficiency and duration.

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What are the applications available to serve GPON?

GPON is ideal for high speed net browsing, email platforms, live streaming without buffering as well as downloading unlimited capacity for your favorite files or movies. This service provides a pretty unique gaming environment for gaming enthusiasts our there as well!
In addition, this service is fully developmental in the future to accommodate to more services – applications due to the flexible nature of the platform it runs on.
GPON has come a far way from being restricted to one user as it allows connectivity to several users at once, so the entire family can enjoy high speed connectivity whether on regular computers or one of the new smart phones.

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