KEMS Zajil Telecom Connectivity Solutions

Multi Terabits Cable Assets Connecting MENA  
KEMS Zajil Telecom is the trusted partner in the Middle East serving international and regional wholesale carriers and hyper-scalers, providing a one-stop shop for carrier agnostic solutions that are flexible, reliable, and agile, with a solid owned infrastructure connecting the MENA region. 

Unparalleled Cable System in the Region 
Following Kalaam’s acquisition of KEMS Zajil Telecom, the combined entity operates a network of 53 Points of Presence (PoPs) across 25 countries. Kalaam group’s fully owned terrestrial cable system, Kalaam group’s Network Optical Transit (KNOT), spans across Kuwait, Bahrain, KSA, UAE and Qatar is now coupled with consortium ownership of undersea cable Europe-India Gateway (EIG), a 15,000km international fiber-optic submarine cable system covering 12 countries from India and the Middle East to Europe. 

Our Technical Profile

Global PoPs

Our self-healing, redundant, & high-capacity access network reaches almost every key region in the Gulf and across the world via independent POP’s and POIs via copper, fiber & microwave media that offer fast, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity solutions globally.

100 GBPS
Capable Network

To meet the ever-growing bandwidth demand for connectivity services like internet, data and voice traffic, KEMS Zajil Telecom’s future-ready network is built to accommodate necessary size and scale while ensuring seamless and robust connectivity for mission-critical business traffic and provide real business value.

NOC Center

Our Network Monitoring system and manned NOC team, allows for monitoring all networks, POP’s, POI’s and nodes throughout 365 days to maintain 100% network availability.

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