About Us

“Ever since its inception over 30 years, KEMS-Zajil Telecom has always been regarded as a leading player in the Internet & data services arena. KEMS-Zajil Telecom is the first Internet Service Provider in Kuwait, established in 1991, which is officially licensed by the Communications & IT Regulatory Authority (CITRA) to provide connectivity services to its customers across the state. KEMS Telecom along with its associate company KEMS-Zajil Telecom are now subsidiaries of Kalaam Telecom Group, leading Digital Solution Provider that has an aim of creating a regional powerhouse which will drive digital transformation in the GCC region and beyond. and we have pioneered also in providing MPLS Services, Voices Services and data center services for colocation of critical information and telecommunications infrastructures.

Agility and flexibility are at the heart of KEMS-Zajil Telecom’s core working philosophy and this in turn allows it to focus well on the digital services & connectivity solutions and requirements of the government & business sectors of the market.

We at KEMS-Zajil Telecom, which is now part of the Kalaam Telecom Group, continuously look forward to driving digital transformation in Kuwait by introducing new products & services with innovative value propositions under the categories of Connectivity, Voice & Communications, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Managed Networks, ICT, & IoT. We are investing in upgrading our core network, enhancing customer SLAs, and digitizing service delivery & customer support to build an effective marketplace to ease the customer journey.”

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