Back in 1998, KEMS (Now transitioned into KEMS Zajil Telecom) was the first and sole provider to home DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) services which was a huge hit since the main characteristic of this service was the direct access to the internet web without the need to engage – disable your landline. That has allowed clients to benefit from higher speeds of existing Internet services as well as enjoy multiple applications, which derived KEMS to further enhance the DSL service further more in 2002.

With the constant up-rise and development of technology and the needs of human use with it, KEMS worked significantly on upgrading the DSL service and introduced the sophisticated ADSL2+ (Asymmetric Digital Subscribers Line) with remarkable work and dedication from the staff to deliver superior speeds reaching up to 24 Mbps allowing offering clients the best experience with value for money & efficiency as always recognized by KEMS.
KEMS’s endeavor to cater the best services to its clients has been renowned in the market as it has received the ISO certification of quality.

What are the applications run on / available on service ADSL2+?

This service provides high Internet connectivity using both the service as well as the landline simultaneously without effecting your calls through browsing the net, checking your email or safe streaming with utmost security, in addition to downloading your favorite files or movies without uploading – downloading restrictions. Game lovers will definitely love engaging online with the rest of the world as this service guarantees high speeds with complete ease.

Number of users:

The ADSL2+ is not restricted – limited to a single user for a group of people – an entire could share this connection and enjoy this technology at the same time on computers or smart phones!

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