Global MPLS

Multiprotocol Label Switching or MPLS is a technology in data forwarding that helps increase and regulate the network flow traffic. When you are subscribed to MPLS service providers, data is sent through a route by means of labels replacing the complicated lookups in the routing table at every stop. 

Since this system is independent of a particular protocol, it works with IP and ATM. Also, as it  is a system, it can easily transfer data from IP VPNs to metro Ethernet.

By using Global MPLS , you can enable voice, data and similar real-time applications that require higher bandwidths to provide support to the mobile integration field. Global MPLS providers can also simplify network management and reduce operational cost.

Benefits of Global MPLS

Global MPLS is technologically independent. It enables you to manage multiple tasks like video-conferencing, voice-over-IP, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise resource Planning, emails and several other web-based applications. It does all this while avoiding network issues like scalability, quality of service or fluctuation of speed.

Glimpse of other benefits of Global MPLS

  • Supports plug-and-play.
  • Optimum bandwidth utilization.
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity support.
  • Supports multiple interface and protocols
  • End-to-end managed services
  • Consistent consumer support 
  • More security with no disclosure of routing details.


To address the multi-point connectivity needs in the global economy, where connecting geographically dispersed offices, resources and stakeholders are critical. Zajil is equipped with the superior capability to deliver international connectivity for our high-speed data customers among Global MPLS network providers.

Here is a glimpse of the prominent features of global MPLS:

  • Superfluous & Secure Connectivity – each link is carried over a segregated cable system.
  • Utilizes a strictly separate private network.
  • A new branch can be without any hassle.
  • Dedicated bandwidth to meet business requirements for priority applications.
  • Single point-of-contact ensures only one service provider for each customer.
  • Web-based monitoring and reporting applications. 

Why choose Zajil’s MPLS?

It is secure and allows customers to share mission critical data, video and everything in between across scalable platforms with high levels of security. 

  • Traffic Engineering
    Routing with Resource Reservation (RRR) allows Zajil to apply and enforce explicit routing, overriding the traditional IP forwarding techniques and provides fast restoration and protection mechanisms for their customers
  • Scalability
    Zajil MPLS network is designed specifically for highly scalable solutions. Since they are provider-network-based, reducing the configuration and management requirements for the customer, it is easy to add new sites and change bandwidth, making budgeting for network growth simpler.
  • Security
    Within Zajil MPLS network, MPLS VPNs offer the same level of security as connection-oriented VPNs. Spoofing is nearly impossible, because the packets received from customers are IP packets that must be received on a particular interface or sub-interface to be uniquely identified with a VPN label.

In our journey as one of the best MPLS providers in Kuwait, quality-of-service mechanisms have always presented Zajil’s customers with a true end-to-end QoS solution. 

We have also used classes-of-service and priority queuing, so that the customer’s network is aware which traffic is most important and to ensure that it takes priority over other traffic.

Our Global MPLS services are secure and allow customers to share mission critical data, video and everything in between across scalable platforms with high levels of security.

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