Secure, reliable, high speed data connectivity is critical for your business growth. Organizations with multiple branches need a dependable and stable network to run their applications and services smoothly.

KEMS Zajil’s high-end point to point data connectivity over our MPLS based copper, fiber or wireless network expands your local network to remote sites and creates a single company-wide communications infrastructure. We offer you a reliable, dedicated & secure platform to enhance your local communications. You will gain maximum value from your enterprise applications by running intranet, data & voice services on a single versatile network.

Our data connectivity is provided as a fully managed service, allowing you to focus on your core business and maximize your time on what you do best.

KEMS Zajil’s MPLS has many benefits for your business, including:

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) – a Leased Line is fully resilient and guaranteed by our strict SLA.
  • Security – Strengthen the security level with MPLS based IP-VPN advanced features
  • Flexibility – you can use your Leased Line for voice and LAN traffic, VoIP or normal data.
  • Performance – low latency, minimum jitter and packet loss make it ideally suited for a whole range of applications.
  • High Availability – minimize interruptions and keep your business running smoothly. KEMS Zajil monitors and supports your service 24/7 through our Network Operations Centre (NOC).
  • Optimized ROI – reduce operating and maintenance costs with lower capital and operational requirements for Data access.
  • Minimized Risk – KEMS Zajil handles everything from initial network design to ongoing maintenance and support for a fixed price.

Product Advantages

  • Online Monitoring Tool – KEMS Zajil provides access to an online monitoring tool which allows the customer to view the utilization (outbound/inbound) and service availability, not only on a real time basis as well as historical. This not only allows the customer to have a transparent access to the bandwidth utilization but also allows them to take any pre-emptive measure relating to upgrades/downgrades (see sample snapshot below).
  • Proactive Monitoring – KEMS Zajil takes care of your network and Internet capacity, requiring fewer resources on your side to proactively monitor your edge router (requires Managed CPE).
  • BGP Routing Protocol – supports multi-homing with load balancing for faster, more efficient routing between networks (requires Managed CPE).
  • Channelized Networks – this allows setting up multiple VLANs to segregate voice, data and video for better quality of service and security (requires Managed CPE).
  • Bandwidth Management – this allows managing the bandwidth for individual networks or users (requires Bandwidth Manager).
  • Site to Site VPN – this allows to establish site-to-site IP VPNs to securely communicate between branches (requires VPN Hardware).
  • Automatic Failover – this allows to maintain the link uptime in case of failure of primary link (requires Managed CPE).

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